The Healthcare Litigation Support Portal has been opened for Beta Testing today. 

Upgrades to the software have been completed, and we are now on the most current versions of all packages used.  Backups of the site and the associated database have been made.  Registration of accounts is open, but activation of those is still under strict control of the site administrator.  Employees of HLS should need to be elevated into an Employee group to see any internal data. Upon first activation of your account, you will not be a part of that group, and should not see any internal HLS data, components, or pages. As part of the Beta Testing of this site, once you have an activated account you should log in and look around the site and ensure you are not seeing any protected information.

Even if registrations are eventually closed to the public, this approach needs to be checked to make sure account level security is working and that any compromised accounts (unfortunate, but it happens) can be downgraded without being deleted.

Activated employees are free to add data to the tables once they have been elevated to the Employee group.  Please exercise these as much as possible and document any issues that are discovered, in writing, to be delivered to the site administrator.

The administrator will be adding a generic test account that is not part of the Employee group, and those login details will be sent to any employees that wish to check the site to ensure that the default group does not have access to any internal or sensitive data, components, or pages.

If there is an immediate need for assistance, please contact the site administrator by mobile phone.